Paul the Octopus is Dead? Long Live Paul the Octopus!

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Paul the Octopus

REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

The English-born Paul the Octopus died earlier this week. Now a French-born successor has been chosen, and assigned the same name. Meet Paul II: Soccer psychic junior. (via AP)

Anyone who follows the World Cup knows all about the acclaimed Paul the Octopus, who gained fame by predicting all seven of Germany’s World Cup wins — as well as Spain’s victory over the Netherlands in this year’s final. (See our roundup of the World Cup’s top ten moments)

He gave the world so many memories – helping German soccer fans to believe, while sparking outrage in Iran. Still, at the age of two and a half, the octopus passed away of natural causes Tuesday.

It only took a day for a new Paul to rise from the depths. Call it a gift from the PR gods.

A Sea Life aquarium spokeswoman said Wednesday that a new squid — born in the south of France, in the city of Montpellier — will be presented to the general public next week. He shall be given the name Paul. And he will carry on the legacy of arbitrary, absurd underwater sporting predictions.

The circle of life goes on.