Man Arrested With 2,060 Diamonds In Stomach

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REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Using laxatives and plenty of bananas, police in India have recovered 2,060 diamonds and precious stones from the stomach of an alleged jewel smuggler from Sri Lanka.

According to the Times of India, a “reliable informant” phoned authorities in the Indian city of Chennai in the early hours of Oct. 26 and said the suspect would arrive on an Air India flight later that morning. “That was the only information available and no other clue, but we zeroed in on him as soon as he came out of the airport and tried to board a taxi,” Chennai suburban police commissioner S R Jangid said. (See the top 25 crimes of the 20th century.)

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Police searched the man’s two pieces of luggage to no avail, and grew suspicious as he struggled to sit still during questioning. The Sri Lankan blamed his discomfort on hemorrhoids. But the Indian super-sleuths couldn’t be fooled. “The police,” the paper reports, “took him to Chromepet Government Hospital. When doctors examined him, they found the stones lodged in his gut.” (See the top 10 America’s Most Wanted captures.)

The man later admitted to acting as a human courier on three previous occasions, and he claimed to have received $225 each time. In this instance, he had placed the jewels into 42 condoms and swallowed them two and a half hours before his flight.

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After police fed him laxatives, it took him six hours to eject the stones, estimated to be worth between $337,000 and $674,000. If only passing a stone were always so lucrative. . .