Audio: Football Announcer Goes Utterly Insane (This is What it Sounds Like, When Doves Cry)

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Recently, helmet-to-helmet hits have been a sensitive topic on the football field.

Sensitive may be an understatement when it comes to Florida Atlantic football announcer Dave Lamont’s outburst. The radio personality personified anger toward the absence of a flag on a third-quarter slide by quarterback Jeff Van Camp in last Saturday’s game against rival Arkansas State.

“He’s defenseless. DE-FENSE-LESS! Don’t you understand? Throw a flag!,” a YouTube tape reveals Lamont bellowing. (Can football finally tackle its injury problem?)

His fury escalated during the broadcast — so much so that the fellow scared faces in the press box were…challenged…to…a…fight…on…live…radio. Listen to the video for more of the referee-induced rancor. (See TIME’s video: This Is Your Brain on Football.)