Web Rage: Was an Online Game Behind an Alleged Child Murder?

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A Jacksonville Fla., woman has pled guilty to second-degree murder charges in the January death of her three month old infant after allegedly shaking the child. But police say the incident happened because the baby interrupted the mother’s playing of a game on Facebook.

Authorities say Alexandra Tobias, 22, became angry while her son, Dylan Lee Edmondson began to cry while she was playing with the popular Facebook application FarmVille (shown above). She told investigators she shook the baby, then stopped to smoke a cigarette while calming down, thenĀ  started to shake the child again. She said during the shaking, he may have hit his head.

Tobias reportedly told family members from her jail cell that her mother’s death affected her psychological state and may have caused her to take her frustrations out on the child.

Tobias entered her plea on Wednesday and could possibly be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty. However, prosecutor Richard Mantei told the Florida Times-Union her sentence could be as low as 25 to 50 years based on state guidelines.