Germany Puts the ß into Internet Addreßßeß

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The eszett or "ß"

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If you had to put your finger — literally! — on the one thing missing from Germany’s online addresses, it would surely be the lack of the eszett or “ß.”

The administrator for all .de domain names in Germany is to start supporting the German letter “ß,” also known as an “eszett.” Most Internet browsers currently convert the “ß” into an “ss.” But domains with an “ss” and “ß” will now be treated separately making, for example, “straß” and “” two individual addresses. (See pictures of Oktoberfest turning 200.)

As things stand, owners of .de domains with an ‘ss’ can register for a similar one with an ‘ß.’ But after November 16, all ß domains will be open for registration. The administrator, DENIC, is expecting a flood of interest over desirable domain names. “At the moment, the holder of will be entitled to registered the fuß domain,” DENIC spokeswoman Stephanie Welters said. “If they don’t, it will be first come, first serve.” In other words, you can’t ßay you weren’t warned. (Via Deutsche Welle)