Dutch Recall Nazi License Plates

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Finnish license plates

Imagine driving around with the word Fascist splashed across your car.  That’s what almost happened to a hundred Dutch drivers over the weekend after they received license plates with the letters “NSB” on them, a Dutch equivalent of the word Nazi. The Dutch Vehicle Authority admitted to the faux pas after receiving angry complaints from drivers and recalled the plates.  The mistake was linked to a computer glitch that failed to block out offensive numbers and letters.

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NSB is the notorious abbreviation for the Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging, the Dutch fascist party which collaborated with the Nazis during the World War II.  Founded in 1931, the anti-Semitic group claimed 100,000 members at its height in 1943. The party was outlawed after Dutch liberation and Germany’s surrender. “Being reminded of the NSB leaves most Dutch people uneasy,” explained an official. New plates have been issued to all affected cars.

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