$1 Homes To Rent In Australian Outback

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Getty Images/Mark Metcalfe

Getty Images/Mark Metcalfe

Now that’s what I call fair dinkum!

An Australian outback town in New South Wales is offering homes to rent for $1 a week. Many of Australia’s rural towns are struggling with declining populations, so in an attempt to encourage settlement, Trundle, a town of just 380 inhabitants, is offering house rentals for less than a Happy Meal. Situated 215 miles from Sydney, the surrounding landscape has suffered greatly from a long drought but residents say wheat and barley crops are now flourishing and they know it’s their responsibility to “keep the town alive.”

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Trundle’s $1 rental campaign aims to capitalize on a “tree-change” movement in which city-dwellers choose a country lifestyle. “We are just doing what we can to preempt any disasters,” said Cherie Quade, the Trundle Tree Change campaign spokeswoman,  “Everybody knows you and says hello to you down the street – it’s that welcoming community,” she said. But before you decide to take your dollar and head down under, remember that some of these houses haven’t been occupied for over 10 years, therefore to suggest that they need renovation is definitely an understatement.

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Hmm…tempting, but NewsFeed thinks you’d want to have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock to make this move.