Reading While Eating for November 4: Shake What Your Mama Grizzly Gave You

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Octopus Paul II is presented to the media at the Sea Life Centre in the western German city of Oberhausen, November 3, 2010. Paul II replaces World Cup oracle Octopus Paul, who died last week.

REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

Thursday’s links can see the weekend on the horizon, and are passing the time with peppy music, viral videos and multiple spouses.

Techie Travel: Tend to lose your keys when staying at a hotel? One Stockholm spot put everything on your cell phone. (Discovery News)

Chubby Study: Some colleges are now offering classes in “Fat Studies.” Is this a healthy way to study obesity? (The Daily Beast)

Copy Cats: Comedians like Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook have been accused of stealing jokes. But how can people subconsciously copy material they’ve heard before? (Splitsider)

You Betcha: Tina Fey dusted off her Sarah Palin impersonation on last night’s Late Night with David Letterman. (

Life with Wives: With TLC’s Sister Wives on the air, polygamists are having a moment. Take a look back at the way they lived 50 years ago. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Microsoft is launching its new Kinect game system. But could it end up a flop like Techland’s Top 10 Failed Game Consoles?

Listen to This: Christina Aguilera belts her loudest in “Express,” her single from her upcoming movie Burlesque. (Vulture)

Must-See: If the entire Internet hasn’t sent you this video yet, here it is. Probably the most error-ridden newscast ever. (via The World’s Best Ever)

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