21st Century War: Google Maps Error Leads to Nicaraguan Invasion

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The disputed border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, shown on Google Maps.

Google Maps

NewsFeed supposes this is why people still major in geography.

A border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica was off by 3,000 meters on Google Maps. This sparked Nicaraguan military commander Eden Pastora to invade Costa Rica and order troops to take down Costa Rican flags in a disputed territory. A Google spokesperson said the source of the error was unknown, but two entire countries have felt its effects. (See pictures of Google doodles.)

We can’t really blame Google for this snafu; we can only blame Pastora for using Google Maps for military business. Official maps for both countries say the land in question belongs to Costa Rica. And, Fast Company reports, Bing had the border correct. Score one for Microsoft, the true victors in this battle. (Search Engine Land, via Fast Company)