Jim Morrison’s Profanity Pardon – 41 Years in the Making?

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January 6, 1969, Jim Morrison. CBS Photo Archive

Better late than never, right?

If you had two months left in office as the Governor of Florida what would you do? Well if you were Charlie Crist, you’d consider pardoning the lead singer of The Doors for a 41-year-old charge of public indecency.

Crist told a reporter from The Hill that he’s still considering posthumously pardoning the legendary singer. Morrison, a Florida native, was in the midst of fighting indecent exposure and profanity charges when he died in 1971. The charges were the result of a 1969 concert in Miami where Morrison was allegedly drunk and exposed himself to the audience. (Hardly shocking considering Morrison isn’t the only star to allegedly act terribly in public.)

According to The Hill, Florida state law requires that a pardon must be approved by Crist and two other members of theĀ Board of Executive Clemency. Other members have noted that they will also consider the pardon, though Crist will have to bring the motion forward.

Here’s hoping the time crunch that Crist now faces as governor will do a bit to light his fire on making good on the pardon–he initially mentioned the possibility in 2007, yet hasn’t moved forward with it since then. (via The Hill)