Introducing the Most Incredible Solve in Wheel of Fortune History

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Wheel of Fortune

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Who needs to go through the rigmarole of actually playing Wheel of Fortune when you can solve a seven-word, 27-letter puzzle with only the one letter filled in?

If you’re Caitlin Burke, you clearly don’t. Not for nothing is she being dubbed the luckiest quiz show contestant of all time. The magazine fashion editor won this particular prize puzzle (bagging a trip to the Caribbean in the process) by somehow guessing the correct answer with only a solitary ‘L’ and the clue ‘phrase’ appearing on the board.

If you want to get technical, one of her fellow contestants had incorrectly asked for the ‘R’ and there was an apostrophe in the first word. But from the available information, Burke nailed the correct answer of, ‘I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS.’ (See the best ever game show hosts.)

A stunned host Pat Sajak summed up the incredible feat with the phrase on all our minds: “Is it just me or was that the most amazing solve we’ve ever had?”

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