Best Middle School Football Play Ever: Quarterback Sneak Goes Viral

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From YouTube

Earlier this year in Super Bowl XLIV. the New Orleans Saints orchestrated a surprise onside kick, which turned the tide of the game. That might have been looked at as the single best football play of 2010, but a group of middle schoolers might have them beat.

Outdoing the ‘Who Dat’ boys, the Corpus Christi, Tex., Driscoll Middle School Defenders came up with a deceitfully simple slow quarterback sneak. It came in the game against rival Wynne Seal.  At the beginning of the play Driscoll’s center calmly hands quarterback Jason Garza the ball, who slowly walks a few paces past the bewildered defense, then takes off for a touchdown, tying the game 6-6.

The play, created by assistant coach John Delosantos, has gone viral and has even touched off some discussion as to whether it was fair play. “It was a legal snap, there was nobody else in motion…it was essentially just a quaterback sneak, but a really slow quarterback sneak,” Delosantos told CNN.