Grandma DJ Makes Debut in LA, Stays Up Past Her Bedtime

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British DJ Ruth Flowers, who is almost 70, has made it to the states.

We didn’t think Betty White had enough time for this.

Oh, wait. That’s actually DJ Mamy Rock, a 69-year-old grandmother who has become an unlikely staple on the European club circuit.

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The grandma DJ (who’s real name is Ruth Flowers) made her American debut this weekend to 3,000 fans in Los Angeles. Yes, 3,000. Surprised? So are we. But she’s actually wildly popular in Europe, especially in Paris (what that says about Parisians, I’ll let you decide.) After some five years of spinning, she’s just now making it to the states.

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Her style is electro-rock, and while she dons oversized sunglasses, glamorous sports jackets and a shock of Albert Einstein-like silver hair, she enjoys throwing in some of her rock favorites, including Abba, Freddie Mercury and The Rolling Stones. Granny DJ says she was inspired to start spinning after joining her grandson’s birthday party at a London nightclub five years ago. DJ Mamy told the London Telegraph that she doesn’t know why her fans, about a third her age, adore her so much. “It’s all photograph, photograph, kissy kiss kissy. They try to hug me, they tell me they want me to be their grandma, they even throw roses at me – which let me tell you, is quite amazing for a woman of my age!” We’re all pretty amazed.