Heart Attack Grill: Free Food For Customers Over 350 Pounds

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Arizona’s aptly-named Heart Attack Grill is offering free meals to anyone weighing in at over 350 pounds. Don’t believe us? Just ask its new 600-pound spokesman.

In an unbelievable affront against the human body, the Chandler, Ariz.-based restaurant is feeding its calorie-packed diner fare to customers meeting their weight requirement free of charge – they’ve even hired a spokesman to promote its jumbo fast food menu. Blair River, whose 570-pound physique won him a $100-an-hour modeling contract with the restaurant, stars in a new Heart Attack commercial, promising viewers steady weight gain for those who stick to the “Heart Attack Grill Diet.”

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Heart Attack, best known for its “Taste Worth Dying For” mantra and signature waitstaff costumed in barely-there medical garb, is owned by former nutritionist Jon Basso, who previous worked for weight-loss chain Jenny Craig. Also appearing in the new ad, “Dr. Jon’s” testimonial take on a menu that includes a line of Bypass Burgers (single through quadruple), and Flatliner Fries (fried in lard) is obviously in jest, but in a society spending $316.4 billion to fight heart disease each year, has Heart Attack’s new campaign taken the joke too far?

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More than 1.3 million Americans suffer heart attacks each year according to the Center For Disease Control, and while cities like San Francisco have recently made steps to regulate the sales of fast food, Heart Attack still manages to offer unfiltered cigarettes as side menu items. (via Arizona Central)