Dancing With The Stars: Who Got Kicked Off?

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Bristol Palin dances the Argentine tango in week 8 of Dancing With The Stars

Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

Was it Bristol Palin? Is the Pope Jewish?

Kurtis Eugene Warner had perhaps the most unique NFL career trajectory in history — he went from Arena League player to Super Bowl MVP, tumbled back into obscurity, and then re-emerged as an elite quarterback in his late ’30s — but his path on Dancing With The Stars followed a familiar tale. He didn’t do anything wrong; he just lasted long enough to be steamrolled by a less-talented performer whom the voters have collectively decided should make the finals. He did do a dance to No Doubt, though, which is one thing NewsFeed thought we’d never see.

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That less-talented performer, of course, was newsFeed favorite Bristol Palin, who once again was saved from her low judges scores by the viewers at home. Bristol’s samba was all sorts of awkward but we loved her tango, which was set hilariously to The Pussycat Dolls:


Warner’s sacking propelled Bristol into the final four. If she hangs on next week she’s in the finals, where anything can happen. Is our prediction from three weeks ago coming true? Could the carnival of awkwardness propel Bristol Palin straight to the top?