Kanye West Thinks Coldplay Is Better than The Beatles

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LUCAS JACKSON/Reuters/Corbis

When told about this, George W. Bush said it was the lowest moment of his week.

Now we all know that Kanye West isn’t short of opinions, but this might be his most outlandish claim yet. In a recent interview with British tabloid the Sun, the R&B star began on fairly safe ground by stating, “America has, and probably always will, dominate music across the globe but it’s always been the British who pull out that very special band.” But then he just had to go and up the ante.

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“We have had amazing bands like Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses but it’s the British who have had the cream with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones setting the standard,” West continued. “I love Coldplay, and I honestly think they are on the same level as The Beatles. In 30 years, when Coldplay are old men, people will look back and say, ‘These guys were more talented than The Beatles.'”

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Kanye West and Chris Martin have worked together before and it’s fair to say that the collaborative effort won’t have given the Fab Four much cause for concern. As for Martin’s day job with Coldplay, surely not even the band’s most fervent fans would share West’s views (though Yellow is better than Yellow Submarine.) Perhaps the truth lies in the fact that Kanye’s next album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is out later this month and he needs all the publicity he can get. Because let’s face facts: “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” sums up the thought process of anyone who thinks Coldplay are better than The Beatles.