Your Cell Phone Might Soon Be Able To Detect STDs

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Rick Chapman/Corbis

From SMS to STD–is there anything smart phones won’t be able to do?

Doctors and researchers in the UK are working on a chip that will detect whether or not you have a sexually transmitted disease. Much like a home pregnancy kit, users will need to urinate on a chip which detects disease. They then will plug it into their cell phone or computer and within a matter of minutes be able to read if they have any STDs (as well as what kind).

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The Guardian reports that the project was inspired as a way to halt the increasing number of young people in the UK who are contracting STDs–the most common age of those contracting STDs is between 19 and 23. And because young often equates with tech-savvy, researchers believe that this technology will lead to more (and earlier!) detection for people who may be too nervous to head to the doctor.

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So if you have a fear of the doctor (or, more likely, a fear of the doctor giving you bad news) you might soon have a quick and private way of finding out if you’re healthy.

Though, you might want to sanitize your phone afterwards. (via the Guardian)