Alvin Greene for President? Don’t Sleep, It Could Happen

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Just when you thought you’d heard the last of Alvin Greene…well…you haven’t.

The former surprise Democratic candidate for South Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat was summarily deposed in the race by Republican stalwart Jim DeMint in the Nov. 2 midterm election. But Politico reports Greene’s taste for politics has not waned and that he is mulling an attempt at, that’s right, the White House!

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“Maybe,” he told the political news website in his typically specific tone. “I’ll have to see.” He confirmed that he called the South Carolina Democratic Party to inquire about presidential candidacy filing fees, which ran $2,500 for the 2008 election, but have not been set for 2012.

Greene, an unemployed veteran who is facing felony pornography charges and barely campaigned for the Senate seat, bested former judge Vic Rawl for the Democratic nomination in June despite the more experienced politician’s $186,000 in funds.

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Now although DeMint pretty much mollywhopped Greene in the election, there is reason for him to be encouraged: he got 27.6% of the vote. That’s 364,000 votes from no real financing, no campaigning and not even a website.

And the night of his election loss, Greene did not lament, but instead touted his alter ego: The Ultimate Warrior. “This superhero is greater than… um Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk.. and all those other characters.”