‘Too Sensual’ for Promotion? Amy-Erin Blakely Sues Employer For Harassment

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Court Gavel. Getty Images

Wait, haven’t we heard this story before?

Former Devereux Foundation employee, Amy-Erin Blakely, is alleging she was fired because she complained she was being harassed when she reportedly was told she was “too sensual” for promotion.

(See what the Jets locker room controversy taught us about harassment.)

Blakely is now suing the company, saying that for the six years she worked there she felt harassed and humiliated. She also said she was reprimanded for filing an initial complaint after she was told that male colleagues were distracted in meetings because of her “large breasts.” She said that it was when she complained for a second time that she was fired.

Devereux Foundation says the lawsuit is “purposefully inflammatory,” and does not “represent the truth about our organization.”

If this story sounds familiar it’s because it’s notably similar to a case that made headlines this past summer, when Debrahlee Lorenzana sued CitiBank, after she was allegedly fired for being “too sexy.” That case ended up being dismissed and is reportedly being pursued out of court.

High-profile lawyer, Gloria Allred, represents both Lorenzana and Blakely. (via the Telegraph)