50 States, 50 Television Stereotypes

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The story of America, told through television stereotypes.

Andrew Shears has created a map of the United States, each state labeled with the appropriate television show that embodies the stereotypes of the region. Are some unfair or perhaps even borderline offensive? Sure they are! But that’s also what makes them kind of funny.

Some are so obvious (Hawaii 5-0 for Hawaii? Walker, Texas Ranger for Texas?) while others don’t so much fill a stereotype, they were just famously set in that state (Sopranos or That 70s Show for example).

(Great TV Moments: Last Hurrah For As the World Turns)

But still NewsFeed loves Golden Girls for Florida, Baywatch for California and Reno 911! for Nevada.

And though we love to see My Secret Identity on the list (remember how awesome it was?) it doesn’t really fulfill the North Dakota stereotype does it? Since it’s Canadian and all. Oh, wait. (via Thinking Psuedographically)