SNL’s Digital Short (With Arcade Fire) Thinks the Nanking Massacre Fully Sucked

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Photo via YouTube

And the Khmer Rouge was so bogus.

In a Saturday Night Live Digital Short that may prove to be as viral as “I’m On a Boat” and “D— in a Box,” Andy Samberg teamed up with Arcade Fire on this weekend’s SNL to lecture the United Nations on decades of inaction on issues as varied as slavery and Vietnam.

Samberg plays the winner of a Model U.N. competition and gives a lesson to the General Assembly on world history, all televised live on MSNBC. With a backing band of beat-boxing fellow students, Samberg sings that the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Rwanda, Tiananmen Square and a multitude of other historical atrocities were “real mature.” (“Ethnic cleansing!? Talk to the hand!”)

As if the scene wasn’t bizarre enough, the band Arcade Fire (who played an incredible couple of songs as the musical guest) enters at the end simply to inform the delegates that they need to dance their troubles away.

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But perhaps the best comedic element of the entire short is the fake ticker headlines that flash at the bottom. A couple of examples: “Middle East: Quit Goofin Around” and “Developing Now: Arcade Fire Hates Evil.”

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