What Your Dance Moves Say About Your Personality

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When you dance, people can now judge not only your bad moves, but also your correspondingly bad personality. Ready to hit the floor?

Researchers at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland gave volunteers personality tests, then observed how they broke it down to different types of music. Then they analyzed their moves using motion-capture technology. Here’s what they found:

  • Extroverts move around the most, with big head and arm movements
  • Neurotic people do the “shuffle,” jerking their hands and feet
  • Agreeable people are “smoother” dancers who move side to side
  • Open-minded people bob up and down
  • Conscientious people move about the dance floor the most

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A lot of this depended on the type of music played. For example, rock music naturally inspired headbanging and Latin music made everyone more confident. Extroverts and neurotics loved rock while open-minded dancers loved techno. Still, the study found a strong correlation between personality types and dancing styles. So don’t blame your coordination for your two left feet — blame your temperament.

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NewsFeed thinks the study neglected several key dance moves. What about those who, for example, teach you how to Dougie? (via Telegraph)