Don’t Miss This Deal: Buy a Truck, Get a Free AK-47 Assault Rifle!

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When you go to purchase a new automobile these days, do you feel that the dealer really isn’t offering you enough incentive toward the sale?¬†Well, a Sanford, Fla. truck dealer is offering a special giveaway to go along with the autos that roll off his lot that are sure to hit the target: a free AK-47 assault rifle.

That’s right, folks. With every truck purchase at Nations Trucks, you get a $400 voucher that can be applied to the purchase of a shiny new Kalishnikov. After passing a background check, customers can drive their trucks over to their local gun shop with the voucher and purchase one of the world’s most dangerous weapons then go home and celebrate the Second Amendment, regardless of appropriate training or responsible intent.

The promotion, which began on Veterans Day, has been successful, general sales manager Nick Ginetta told WKMG, adding that business has now more than doubled. “We started on Veterans Day, saying, ‘Hey, so many have given so much for this right.”

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Now, before you go judging the promotion of giving away a rifle that is in worldwide use by mercenary armies, drug dealers and terrorist organizations (oh yeah, legitimate military and freedom fighters, too), possibly killing hundreds of thousands since its initial post-World War II development, think about the deal you get: a 2004 Chevrolet LS Crew Cab 4×4 Monster Truck for just $21,495!

Or how about a 2006 RWD Dodge Durango Limited for only $16,995! Or maybe a 2002 Ford F-250 XLT Quad Cab 4×4 with Diesel engine for just $18,995!

With deals like that, a lethal weapon is just what today’s CCW-licensed truck buyer needs sitting right beside him in the passenger seat. Plus they retail for about $350 and up (cheaper in the street).

But NewsFeed wonders if they’re also giving away free hollow-point bullets as well. (via CBS News)