Hello Hollywood: Brad Pitt To Bring Chilean Miners To Big Screen

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The last miner to be rescued, Luis Urzua.

First they find daylight and now the spotlight!

Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, is reportedly in negotiations to buy the film rights to the rescued Chilean miners’ story Los 33. Chilean lawyer, Edgardo Reinoso, who represents the men, has confirmed Pitt’s approach, and said that some of the miners are set to have acting roles in the movie. Plan B’s company representative, Jon Liebman, CEO of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, said, “Like so many people worldwide, Plan B has been incredibly moved by the story of the Chilean miners and their families.” However he added, “There have not yet been serious discussions.” (Read more in How the Miners’ Rescue Raised Up Chile’s President.)

The 33 miners were rescued a month ago after 69 days underground, and have since been bombarded by fame, job offers and huge endorsement deals. Several books are also in production. The  world and its media storm seem to have ignored the rescue request of one charismatic miner, Mario Sepulveda: “The only thing I’ll ask is that you don’t treat me as an artist or a journalist, but as a miner.” (Check out Chilean Miner Preps For New York Marathon.)

Reinoso also reportedly claimed that the miners are trying to set up a holding company to ensure that all proceeds from the sale of their harrowing ordeal are distributed fairly among the miners. Brad Pitt’s company Plan B, founded in 2002 with then wife Jennifer Aniston, has since produced movies such as The Departed and  Eat, Pray, Love. They’ve now reportedly offered “millions” for the rights to the miners’ film. (Learn more in How the Trapped Chilean Miners are Surviving Underground.)

However, we are still in the dark as to whether Pitt will appear in Los 33 himself.