Twitter Space Trivia: Where Over The World is Astronaut Scott Kelly?

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The International Space Station could be your new office.

Have you been looking for a way to combine your love for Twitter, trivia, geography and space into one useful purpose? Well thanks to astronaut Scott Kelly, your wish has come true.

Kelly will be living aboard the International Space Station for six months and to kick off¬†Geography Awareness Week–which runs through November 21–he has started a trivia contest via his Twitter feed called Where Over the World is Astronaut Scott Kelly.

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The game works like this–Kelly will be posting photos of the earth from space to his Twitter along with hints at the photo’s location. Contestants can then @ reply to him with their guesses and the first person to correctly identify the location will win an autographed copy of the photo.

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The contest will run for the duration of Kelly’s stint in space (until March) and the¬†first round was posted on Monday and it likely won’t be long before the winner is announced (I hope it’s me!).