Dancing With The Stars Turns Violent: Man, Angered By Bristol, Obliterates TV With Shotgun

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Bristol Palin dances in week 9 of 'Dancing With The Stars'

Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

So apparently a guy in Wisconsin was so incensed by the sight of Bristol Palin on the reality TV show Dancing With the Stars that he shot his television. Some of us here at NewsFeed were born in Wisconsin; we think this story sounds quite possible. 

The Wisconsin State Journal has the story: A 66-year-old man, living in a rural area and reportedly enduring an array of financial hardships, absolutely flipped out at the first sight of Bristol on DWTS Monday evening – apparently incensed by the prospect of a political figure appearing on one of his favorite television shows. NewsFeed is not sure whether he watched any other episodes of DWTS this season; Bristol has been there every step of the way. (More Dancing With the Stars: See the five greatest moments)

He demanded the return of his pistols, which his daughter had taken away from him days earlier for safety reasons. But before his wife could respond to the demand – and then flee the house – the man loaded and fired a shotgun straight into the television. A while later, from a safe location, his wife called 911 to report the scene; authorities were then reportedly kept at bay for 15 hours, as they tried to get the man to calm down and put away the weapon.

Here’s the worst part: The television was already destroyed by the time the results were announced Tuesday. And yep: Bristol is still on the show.

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