Fake Obama is Muslim: Let the Fake Scandal Begin

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Life once again proves stranger than fiction: Behold the life and times of Indonesia’s Barack Obama. Er, actually, his name is Ilham Anas, but he really, really looks like Barack Obama. But don’t take NewsFeed’s word on it; check out the footage.

Yes, he poses with babies. Has been cast alongside faux secret service agents in TV commercials. He even fears assassination attempts. And he’s become something of a celebrity for all those Obama fans overseas who want to snap a quick picture while standing alongisde the 44th President of the United Sates.

All this said, it’s uncanny isn’t it? The footage of Anas in shirt sleeves, standing alongside bodyguards? When he’s given the proper magazine photo treatment? Seriously, compare that mug shot to this stunning roundup of official Obama photos.

What’s clear is that, for Ilham Anas, his resemblance has changed everything about his life. And ironically, given that overnight change of routine, he can identify with the 44th president in a very real way – they are now public figures, always in the spotlight, forever changed.