Reading While Eating for November 18: Diamond-Studded Facebook

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Britain's Prince Philip sits in his chauffered car as it is caught in traffic caused by protesting fire fighters walking towards Downing Street, in London Novembert 17, 2010.

REUTERS/Paul Hackett

Thursday’s links go from childhood to death, from generation to generation.

My Generation: What defines a generation? According to this interactive quiz, it’s pop culture — the test guesses your generation by the cultural milestones you remember. (USA Today)

Hands Off: Airport security is seemingly unstoppable, with a massive backlash about privacy violations. Are there any tangible advantages to enhanced X-Ray methods? (The Atlantic)

Quick Cooking: Many published recipes have an estimated start-to-finish time. Why are they almost always wrong? (Slate)

Stylish Slip: In an interview, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld proves he’s really up with the times, saying someone gave him a Facebook, in white gold. We want one! (The Hairpin)

Past Parks: November and December are peak times to visit Disney theme parks. Can’t make it this year? Track the parks through history instead. (LIFE)

Gay Graves: A German company is making “gay coffins.” Who knew coffins had a sexual orientation in the first place? (The Daily What)

Elsewhere on See the 25 most powerful women of the past 100 years.

Must-See: Watch the cast of Harry Potter attempt American accents. They certainly beat NewsFeed’s British accent, but we suppose that’s why they’re actors and we’re not.

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