Steven Slater: From Flight Attendant to Rap Star?

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NewsFeed thinks he should stick to the friendly skies.

You remember Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who got fed up, ranted on the loudspeaker, grabbed two beers and left the plane on the emergency slide. He quit in such a spectacular fashion that he became a media hero for doing what so many disgruntled employees wish they could do.

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Slater had his 15 minutes of fame. But NewsFeed assumes that he’s going to have a hard time getting hired as a flight attendant on another airline. And, judging by his behavior, he probably wants a career change. But who would hire a guy best known for telling off an entire plane?

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Luckily, Line 2, a mobile app that allows in-flight texting on Wi-Fi-equipped planes, has enlisted Slater to be its spokesman. USA Today reports that Slater is a judge for the company’s Mile High Text Club promotion, which encourages submissions of crazy in-flight stories. And as a promotion for the promotion, Slater became MC Slater (which to us, sounds too much like A.C. Slater) and rapped about his JetBlue woes while making uncomfortable tough-guy faces. It’s clearly a joke, but it’s still really awkward.

Luckily, Slater is up-front about his rap motivations in his lyrics. “I’m pimping Line 2 and the killer app it is/My legal fees are paid by the dot-com biz.” (via A.V. Club)