Bad Education: Graduate Turns to the Internet To Fund $200,000 Undergrad Bill

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Kelli Space's debt


Meet Kelli Space. She’s 23, graduated from high school in 2005, and went to Northeastern University. But she’s saddled with $200,000 of debt. What to do? Beg for help on the internet.

Kelli’s student loan crisis has turned into such a nightmare that she’s started a website,, asking for financial assistance from the public. But as Gawker reports, her donations thus far total ten cents.

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The situation sure looks bleak and Kelli told Gawker that she accepts responsibility for her actions and recognizes that people may wish to contribute to more worthy charities. “There is still no way to make these monthly payments, and live on my own as a contributing member of society. Neither of my parents, nor I, really knew how this would pan out — unfortunately — and now that I’m here, I see no real light at the end of the tunnel.”

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When you consider that the average 2009 college graduate accrued $24,000 in student loan debt, the Koreas are doing their damnedest to start World War III, most of Europe is gripped by financial fear and nobody in American politics can get along, it’s difficult to put a positive spin on the events unfolding before our eyes right now. Still, could be worse, at least we’ve got our health (if we’ve got insurance).