Hide Your Junk: Behold the Radiation-Blocking Underwear That Will Have the TSA Fuming

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A security official demonstrates a full body scanner

REUTERS/Christian Charisius

If the Transportation Security Administration’s security practices leave you feeling skittish, help is on the way for your unmentionables. (Via The New York Post)

In an era where terror trumps tranquility at the airport, passengers are paying a price. While TSA head John Pistole has been open to complaints, the chance of experiencing an invasive full-body scan or pat-down remains a reality. (See Pat-Downs 101: Nine Things to Know About Your Airport Screening.)

Thankfully, America’s innovators are on the customer’s side.

The New York Post writes that a Colorado entrepreneur is aiming to ‘protect your health, privacy and dignity’ with a line of underwear called Rocky Flats Gear. Each and every pair will block invasive scans from seeing through to a person’s genitals.

There are five types of briefs and bras available, keeping both genders safe from common gray areas. Fears over scanner radiation causing ill-health effects or TSA employees using the X-ray technology to violate your privacy purportedly become an afterthought.

Prices range from $9 to $20 per item. For more information, set your speed dial to 1-888-X-RAY-NOT.

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