The Future Is Now: Americans Can Start Buying a 99-Miles-Per-Gallon Car

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Nissan North America Inc. (Photo via

The days of being forced to holler “fill it up, regular” are winding down. Drivers are closing in on a chance to own a plug-in vehicle with an enticing promise. (Via CNNMoney).

For those overcome with acrimony from the cash crunch at the gas pump, the Nissan Leaf’s arrival is just around the corner. Set to debut in five U.S. states in December, the all-electric vehicle has received its Environmental Protection Agency fuel-efficiency rating. And the number is bound to bring a smile to drivers’ faces.

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Since the Leaf uses no gasoline whatsoever, the EPA had to convert its estimate to a non-fuel figure. When all calculations were said and done, CNNMoney writes that Nissan’s new environmental gem is expected to run on 99 miles to the gallon. That’s nearly double the 50 miles-per-gallon currently attached to Toyota’s hybrid Prius, making the Leaf most efficient mid-sized car available.

Some other figures to remember: The Leaf’s yearly electricity costs are estimated at $561, which is around $300 less than the Prius. For those already prepping that down payment, Nissan notes that the car’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $32,780. That figure could plummet to as low as $25,280, depending on the level of luxury added on to the purchase.

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