Live From Sesame Street: It’s Saturday Night…With The Cookie Monster?

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Munching on an endless supply of cookies all day just isn’t cutting it for the Cookie Monster anymore, so he decided to do what most unfulfilled monsters do – audition for Saturday Night Live.The fuzzy blue Sesame Street star blessed YouTube with his audition tape, and it doesn’t disappoint. In a mere four minutes, he explains his desire to “branch out beyond me cookie-eating career,” has a pun-filled fake news segment and takes on Lady Gaga and her food-enhanced wardrobe.

If this campaign works out for the lovable monster, it will be the second social media brigade that led to an SNL spot, after a Facebook petition won Betty White a night on the show. This gets NewsFeed wondering – who will be the next celeb hoping for hosting fame and fulfillment?

Brett Favre’s been a little down and out lately, could a Saturday night gig work better than his Sunday afternoons have been going?

Christine O’Donnell has some free time on her hands after election loss. Maybe the tables could turn – she could quit being the butt of jokes and make a few of her own.

R2D2, complete with subtitles? Oscar the Grouch, out of pure jealousy towards his co-star? A post-retirement Dalai Lama? This weekend’s pardoned turkey?

Only time will tell. But whoever is next, chances are their future success won’t be listed in TIME’s Top 10 post-SNL careers. Using Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is a savvy new way to earn the hosting spot, but the bests had to do an old-fashioned audition. Recognize any of these?