Frederica Wilson – You Can’t Leave Your Hat On

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Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alex Wong/Getty Images

John Wayne, Queen Elizabeth II, Robin Hood, Ne-yo — all famous hat wearers NewsFeed probably wouldn’t ask (or risk asking) to take their hats off. Now Frederica Wilson wants to join this elite crowd.

The new Democratic representative from Florida once told the Tampa Bay Times that she owns over 300 hats, that she’s rarely seen without one of her sequined stetsons and probably owns more custom hats than we own custom anything — so her hat wearing credentials are fairly solid. Why then is she being told to take her hat off? Because the House says so.

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According to CNN, the House of Representatives hasn’t taken kindly to its members wearing hats in session since 1837, a rule which Wilson told the Miami Herald is “sexist.” Wilson intends to fight the rule and call for it to be overturned so that she, and other hat connoisseurs, can be allowed freedom of expression through their choice of head wear.

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It will likely take a full House vote to overturn the rule, but Wilson is determined to leave her hat on.