Hangover Helpers: Post-Party Cleaning Service Will Change the Morning After Forever

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Andrew Hobbs/Getty

Hangover Helpers to the rescue!

Newsfeed remembers those days when we peeled our eyes open the morning after a raucous party and grimaced at the sheer disorder and calamity that remained. Half drunk beer bottles and red plastic cups cover every available surface. The make-shift iPod deejay still spinning some Britney. Several of our closest friends — and strangers — passed out in various corners and hallways.

In other words: Everything you don’t want to deal with while nursing the hangover from hell.

Luckily, for residents of Boulder, Colorado, they no longer have to. They can pay the Hangover Helpers, a pair of entrepreneurial University of Colorado graduates who really know their audience.

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For the small sum of $15 per roommate, the Helpers will come to your home bearing breakfast burritos and Gatorade and clean up the mess the party left behind.

Looking to make some extra cash in a bad economic climate, Marc Simons started cleaning up homes after parties a year ago, says CBS News. He brought on high school pal, Alex Vere-Nicoll, and the brilliant, wish-this-had-been-around-when-we-were-in-college business was born.