Kim Kardashian Is Bing’s Most Searched Term Of 2010

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REUTERS/Richard Clement

Reality show star Kim Kardashian arrives at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington May 1, 2010.

America’s fascination with low-brow celebrity continues on, as Bing announced yesterday that its most-searched term of 2010 was reality starlet Kim Kardashian.

Microsoft’s search engine released its top 10 searched terms of 2010 list, noting that not only did Kardashian nab the top spot, but she did it with 20% more searches than Sandra Bullock, who took second place. A peek at the rest of the list is even more revealing into our gossip obsession as Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin and Justin Bieber all make appearances in the top 10.

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Kim Kardashian
Sandra Bullock
Tiger Woods
Lady Gaga
Barack Obama
Kate Gosselin
Justin Bieber

While Google and Yahoo have yet to release their own top search lists, it’s impossible not to wonder if Bing’s list maybe says more about the people who use Bing than it does about Kim Kardashian.