The Unlikely Four Loko Alternative: 40-Proof Chocolate Milk?

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Still sad over Four Loko being yanked from shelves? NewsFeed has a solution for you.

While it may not be the magic (and the FDA says dangerous) combination of caffeine + alcohol, Adult Chocolate Milk does have the ridiculously appealing concept of combining two of Newsfeed’s favorite things: alcohol and chocolate.

The tasty treat — that packs a 40-proof punch — was the brainchild of a little after-hours mixology created when Tracy Reinhardt spiked kid-favorite chocolate milk with vodka one night after her kids had gone to bed. Now, Reinhardt and her business partner Nikki Halbur, sell their product in Minnesota, California, Arizona and others with the slogan, “Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof.” They plan to introduce new flavors — including adult orange cream, adult fruit punch and adult limeade — soon.

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Serving suggestion: Top your adult chocolate milk with a little alcoholic whipped cream and voila! you have a ridiculously strong beverage that may or may not make you feel awful the next day.

According to The Arizona Republic, a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona concocted a creation called the Chocolate Monkey that combined chocolate and whipped cream vodkas, banana liqueur, Adult Chocolate Milk and a splash of cream.

Or you can always try mixing it with one of these other ridiculously strong drinks. But absinthe + chocolate milk sounds, well, less-than-appealing. However, a bhang lassi topped with a little alcoholic whipped cream might not be all that bad.

Just to be clear, Newsfeed prefers its chocolate milk straight up, kid-style.