Drunk Passenger Drops Cruise Ship Anchor

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Holland America's MS Ryndam

Holland America

Oh buoy.It’s been revealed that a Holland America cruise ship was given a rude awakening early last Saturday by an intoxicated passenger who somehow managed to release the ship’s anchor. An affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun website has revealed Californian resident Rick Ehlert released the anchor and a life buoy.

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The MS Ryndam was en route from Mexico to Florida. Thankfully, the ship was unharmed, but the incident, in the words of the affidavit, had the potential to cause, “significant damage to the ship’s rudder or propeller, which could disable the ship’s ability to maneuver, or puncturing of the ship, which could result in sinking or severe flooding.”

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The 44-year-old Ehlert admitted to dropping the ship’s anchor when questioned by the FBI, as well as being intoxicated and entering an area clearly marked as off-limits to passengers. Ehlert was arrested Sunday on a felony charge and taken into custody. It’s fair to say that his subsequent seating for meals will be for one and he won’t be drinking anything stronger than the substance the anchor was in: water.