Snoop Dogg Pens Song For Prince William’s Engagement

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LARRY W. SMITH/epa/Corbis

Every royal engagement needs a royal anthem. So what if this particular anthem doesn’t have anything to do with royalty, marriage or even love? 

After Snoop Dogg heard that Prince Harry was looking to invite him to perform at the engagement party being thrown for older brother William, Snoop reportedly took to the studio and recorded a track for the future King. Though Harry is the prince with the noted wild-side, Prince William is a noted hip-hop fan, so this is actually quite the thoughtful gift–from both Harry and Snoop.

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The rapper posted the song, titled “Wet”, to his website on Tuesday (at exactly 4:20). Snoop describes the song as “the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin.'”

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While the song is true to Snoop’s signature style (even the “clean” version is blush-inducing) the track seems a little more bachelor party, and a little less engagement party. Come to think of it, it also seems a little more Harry, and a little less William. (via E! Online)