Humorless German Customs Officials Seize Fake Canned Unicorn Meat

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Headed to Germany? Don’t pack the canned unicorn.

Online retailer Think Geek is causing a stir with one of its products: canned unicorn meat. The faux Spam-like joke product has been detained at the German border by customs officials who are considering it “meat of a rare animal,” the company wrote on its blog.

A letter from a customer tipped them off to the international snafu, affirming that the punchline of gag gifts don’t always translate.

(More on TIME: Think Geek Gets Cease & Desist Letter For Fake Unicorn Meat)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn’t the only hiccup in the history of the product, which is currently sold out on Since its release in April (part of the store’s April Fool’s Day product line), the gelatinous, sparkly meatless creation has been under fire for one thing or another. In June, the National Pork Board slammed Think Geek with a cease and desist order, citing that the company was poaching pork’s trademarked slogan with its tag line: “The New White Meat.” The company was even targeted by animal rights protesters who were outraged at the very idea of another canned animal product – and now it’s a security risk?

Hey Germany, allow NewsFeed to educate you: Unicorns don’t exist. Class dismissed.