Iceberg in a Bottle: Ancient Ice, Melted Down and Packaged, For Only $15

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Bob Strong / Reuters

Bob Strong / Reuters

Vintage whiskeys and fine wines are no strangers to the Christmas party season, but you will probably have trouble finding a selection of equally classy non-alcoholic drinks for you to offer your guests. Fear not:  NewsFeed may have found a solution to your soft drink woes.

A Canadian entrepreneur is where you can turn to for your $15 bottle of ancient iceberg water.

Ron Stamp, the founder of Glace Rare Iceberg Water will happily provide you with his 150,000 year old glacial elixir from Newfoundland which, according to analysts, is the cleanest water you can get hold of. The Iceberg Canada Corporation, which Stamp formed along with CEO Hanna Sjoeberg, has high hopes for the brand and in an interview with the Star Sjoeberg said, “We’re really targeting the cities of the world where the high-end adventurous connoisseur would travel and meet.”

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For those who are still feeling the pinch of the recession, perhaps, say, the 15 bottles of good old fashioned water for the same $15 would be the more viable option. But for those wanting to splash out, the Canadian icebergs are clearly your oyster.

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