Menorah Melodies: The Best Hanukkah Songs

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Getty Images.

Because why should Christmas get all the songs?

The Maccabeats, a male a-cappella group, have made a video for “Candlelight”–a Hanukkah version of the song and video for “Dynamite”–and it’s great! The song is obviously catchy (just try to get it out of your head!) and the lyrics are clever (“I flip my Latkes in the air sometimes, singing ay-oh, spin the dreidel”).

But the Maccabeats aren’t the only act in town–there are more great Hanukkah songs out there. And NewsFeed is here to tell you about them.

Of course everyone knows the Adam Sandler classic “Chanukah Song,” where he sings the holiday’s praises and let’s us know that Captain Kirk is Jewish (and O.J. Simpson isn’t).

And then there’s “Miracle” by Matisyahu. Sure, there’s a weird dream sequence at the beginning of the video but once the song starts we’re treated to the smart rhymes and upbeat tempo we’ve come to expect from the beatboxing Hasidic rapper. Sure it’s on the cheesy side, but hey, it’s a holiday song.

And since the best part of most holidays is the food, there has to be song about it. (Warning: This one is pure cheese!)

Now if you’re craving something a little more traditional there’s “Ma’oz Tsur” sung by the always amazing PS22 Chorus.