Facebook and Your Favorite Cartoon Will Stop Child Abuse

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REUTERS/Thierry Roge

The latest Facebook meme claims to help fight child abuse. How noble!

It supposedly works like this: Facebook users upload a photo from their favorite childhood cartoon as their profile picture and then note in their status update that friends should do the same. This sea of cartoon memories will then remind everyone that child abuse is wrong and should be stopped.

(See TIME’s video on Facebook tips.)

You’ll have to forgive NewsFeed for being a little skeptical that such a gimmick will work. After all, we are often skeptical of Facebook awareness campaigns–especially when they don’t make sense.

(See TIME’s story on Erin’s Law and how it’s helping abused children.)

But we aren’t complete scrooges. NewsFeed actually thinks seeing the photos of long-lost cartoon friends is super fun (we particularly love the Jem nostalgia!). And we hope it can go without saying that NewsFeed hates child abuse. So how about adding a caption to your new profile picture with a link to some places where people can find out more about preventing child abuse or can donate money to help the cause? Like here!¬†Or here!

Fun and charitable.