Forever Lazy: Snuggie Pajamas for Anytime, Anywhere

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Two available styles of the Forever Lazy pajamas

Forever Lazy Website

Struggling with what to buy that special someone for Christmas? And you already got her a Snuggie last year?

Fear not. Two young Wisconsin entrepreneurs have you covered – quite literally. Twenty-somethings David Hibler and Tyler Galganski birthed Forever Lazy, a cross between a Snuggie and pajamas that you can wear all the time. That is, if you’re under house arrest – or if you’re confident (or crazy) enough to endure gratuitous staring and endless snickering from normally dressed people while out and about.

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Touted as the “one piece, lie around, lounge around, full-body lazy wear,” the giant piece of cloth resembles an oversized bathrobe. Maybe it could fit into the category of onesie pajamas for grownups. Or is it just a giant monkey suit? Whatever the categorization, the Forever Lazy guarantees that you can indeed be forever lazy – and forever comfortable.

Additional evidence that you never have to remove the thing: the Forever Lazy has zippered hatches on both the front and the back, super convenient for “great escapes when duty calls,” according to the official website.

If you need further convincing, Hibler told the Associated Press that each pocket can hold three 12-oz beverages of your choice. By our calculations, that’s one-and-a-half Four Lokos — obviously the only beverage you should be drinking while wearing it.

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And with any luck, Washington will also call for a ban on the fashion abomination that is the Forever Lazy. But if you’re wearing it to be en vogue, NewsFeed doesn’t think that problem can be solved by simple legislation. (via GearLog)