Animals Behaving Badly: Elephants Kill Three People in Drunken Rampage

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Public drunkenness, vandalism, killing innocent people–not exactly a typical night out for elephants. Until last week, when a pack of pickled pachyderm wreaked havoc on a group of villages.

A herd of elephants went on a rampage that destroyed villages and left three people dead in India after imbibing in some local home-brew. The alcohol was being stockpiled away by villagers who were saving it to enjoy at an upcoming local festival. Unfortunately, about 70 elephants enjoyed it first and the hooch left them drunk and rambunctious.

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The elephants reportedly staggered around a cluster of villages destroying over 60 homes and crushing three people to death.

(See TIME’s graphic of animals under siege.)

The Guardian reported that the next day local officials said that the elephants were “sleeping off their hangovers¬†as shocked communities tried to clear the wreckage.” ¬†(via the Guardian)