Man Kills Girlfriend and Hides the Body, All While Still in Prison

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This is one of the most bizarre stories that NewsFeed has heard in a while (and trust us, we hear a lot of bizarre stories).

Jackson Conquet was serving time in a Peruvian prison when his 22-year-old girlfriend, Leslie Paredes, came to visit him. While in his cell, Paredes tried to end their relationship and then an enraged Conquet grabbed her and strangled her. He then hid her body beneath a cement bench he’d fashioned.

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What’s so utterly bizarre about the crime (apart from the fact that it took place from one of the last places you’d think a woman would be hurt by her partner) is that her body remained undiscovered for months. It wasn’t until guards noticed a “strong smell” coming from Conquet’s cell that they investigated and discovered Paredes’ remains.

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Police have no explanation for how no one could have noticed that Paredes did not emerge from Conquet’s room after their visit. After the discovery, a prison-wide search was conducted, resulting in the discovery of prohibited items, including weapons and cell phones. (via the Daily Mail)