$50 Hot Dog Comes to New York. We’ll Take Two!

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Sorry, it’s not a hot dog. It’s a haute dog. Oh, and an outrage.

New York City can now boast what appears to be the world’s two most expensive hot dogs. While not as insanely priced as the $69 dog at the posh New York establishment Serendipity 3 (where Guinness Book of World Records certified the dog as the globe’s most outrageously priced), The Roosevelt Hotel is dismissing this thing we’ve been in called a recession and has introduced Teddy’s Haute Dog.

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It’s made from Kobe beef and comes with foie gras shavings, balsamic onions and is served with black truffle fries and caviar aioli. Just like at Yankee Stadium! To be fair, 10 percent of the profits are going to City Harvest, which provides food for the city’s hungry. But if you think this dog is about $48 too much, well that makes … just about all of us.