Oprah Opens Up: “Not Even Kind Of” A Lesbian

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Oprah Winfrey. Photo by Daniel Boczarski/FilmMagic.

In an interview with Barbara Walters that led to tears (don’t they all?), Oprah sets the record, er, straight.

After Oprah broke down discussing her feeling about her best friend, Gayle King, Walters asked about the rumors that Oprah is in a gay relationship with King. The talk show host/media mogul said that she’s “not even kind of” a lesbian and it makes her angry that people don’t believe her.

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She also said that she and her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, are still together. Unlike King, who regularly appears or is mentioned on Oprah’s talk show, Oprah’s relationship with Stedman is almost never brought up. However, Oprah said that the two are together, adding, “I do not know of another man on this planet … who could have lived this life with such dignity, with such grace and such respect and humility in it.”  (via CBS)

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