Mr. Sanders Goes to Washington: The Epic (Five Hours and Counting) Filibuster of 2010. Tune In Now

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Bernie Sanders. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

As we head into hour five of the Vermont senator’s speech, NewsFeed can’t help but wonder how Bernie Sanders is still standing, let alone talking? 

Beginning at 10:25 am Friday morning, the independent senator took to the Senate floor in an attempt to block President Obama’s hefty new tax bill. The bill is an extension of Bush-era tax cuts to the income of the U.S.’s richest citizens and has been criticized as an excessive compromise on Obama’s part.

So will logging hours of Senate floor (and C-Span air) time help Sanders’ cause? Our colleague Alex Altman muses on his chances over at Swampland. As for the speech, you can head over to C-Span to watch a live stream of the action.