Can Wesley Snipes Watch His Own Movies in Prison?

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Sadly for Snipes, this role is all too real.

The 48-year-old actor arrived Thursday at the Federal Correctional Institution McKean in the small Pennsylvania town of Lewis Run, which sounds more like a character Snipes would play rather than a place. He’s due to serve three years for a failure to file income tax returns.

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“We recognize that he is high profile, but we treat all our inmates the same,” spokeswoman Shirley White told the AP recently.  But it’s not looking like the hardest of labors: barracks are two to a room, daily showers take place as do double-feature movie showings Friday through Sunday. Though as the AP pointed out, no NC-17, R or X ratings are allowed, which means that most of Snipes’ oeuvre, including prison-based features such as Undisputed and Brooklyn’s Finest, is off limits.

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On the down side, the daily wake-up call is 6:35 am, there are five head counts — three coming during the night — with maximum earnings mere pennies an hour for kitchen, laundry or other chores. But Snipes will be able to spend up to $290 a month at the prison commissary, which should at least keep him in copies of Variety.